Gesellschaft für Gartenbau und Therapie - Was ist Gartentherapie?


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Gesellschaft für Gartenbau und Therapie - Was ist Gartentherapie?


What is Horticultural Therapy (HT)?


Horticultural therapy empowers clients and patients and disabled people through the use of horticultural activities, to enjoy and experience contact in a meaningful way.

Growth, development and change become visible and are experienced through immediate physical contact while practicing in a garden. New experiences can be initiated. Verbal and more still, non-verbal communication play an important role.


Horticultural therapy is a process, using horticultural activities to advance body, mind and soul and improve his well-being amidth his direct environment. It is an effective method for all ages independent of their physical skills and social heritage.

Gardens as therapeutic means are special compared to other therapeutic methods: in a garden you work with living beings who have a lot of necessities and reactions in common with human beings.

With plants individuals are able to decide their pace themselves and become active without fear. An educated therapist functions as a guide.

Animals are used in some settings too. They provide certain aspects like warmth and mobility. They may be of help to overcome certain reservations or obstacles.

If you would like to know more about animals as therapeutic companions look for (in German)