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Gesellschaft für Gartenbau und Therapie - Was ist Gartentherapie?


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XIII International People Plant Symposium - in Montevideo

This symposium will take place at the Hotel Escuela Kolping , Montevideo, Uruguay, November 10, 11, and 12, 2016.

“Plants, Cultures and Healthy Communities / Plantas, Culturas y Comunidades Saludables ”

in english

XI International "People Plant Council" - at the Floriade in Venlo 2012

September 6, 7, 8, 2012 in Venlo

“Diversity: Toward a new Vision of Nature”

in english


Horticultural Therapy Option at KSU - Kansas State University

Kansas State University has the longest tradition in HT education and offers an HT option. They state:

The Horticultural Therapy program at K-State is committed to expanding human capacity by delivering educational programs and technical information. This will result in improved leadership skills in the areas of communications, group dynamics, conflict resolution, issue analyses, and strategic planning to enhance the economic viability and quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. The program studies the benefits of people-plant interactions. Basic research involves human biomedical responses to plants. Applied research includes outreach, education, vocational training, and community development. Horticultural therapy is a multi-disciplinary program of study involving fields such as horticulture, psychology, landscape architecture, education, gerontology, sociology, and urban planning. Required courses build upon the science base of the horticulture option

„HT at KSU“


The academy for Agraric and Environmental Education in Vienna

offers a academic course in HT in cooperation with the Donau-University Krems. The course is being held at week-ends once a month over two years. More information at:

„HT in Vienna - courses being held in German“