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Gesellschaft für Gartenbau und Therapie - Angebot und Ziele


GGuT - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


1. What does the Association GGuT offers to its members?

The GGuT organizes regular meetings for its members, who attend and care for disabled people by horticultural and social activities.
The GGuT organizes contacts and information about gardening, education, therapy and occupational therapy.
It stimulates to use the multifold possibilities of gardening for therapeutic purposes.

2. What are the objectives of the Association GGuT?

The GGuT aims at promoting practice and theory of horticulture as therapeutic means and to support its members in their professional activity.
It spreads information about this vital combination through "Informations from Horticulture & Therapy" in German.
Members cooperate with others at developing and leading curricula for horticultural therapy education.
Its main objectives are personal exchange and networking.

3. Why should one choose the approach of horticultural therapy?

Horticultural therapy is used by therapists who want to utilize growth, development and change in natural rhythms for their therapeutic practice. They finhorticulture and gardening especially useful as a means to integrate therapy and activities of daily living.

4. For whom is HT appropriate?

Horticultural therapy is appropriate for people in crises, people challenged by physical, mental or emotional reasons, because love for nature may open a way to oneself as well for disabled people, because working with nature feels sympathetic and less threatening. Horticultural therapy may help to kann einen Ausgleich schaffen und helfen, das tägliche Leben zu bewältigen.

5. Horticultural therapist - a legally protected term in Germany?

Horticultural therapist is not a protected term. In Germany there is no curricula and education in horticultural therapy. An education for horticultural activities with the elderly is in preparation.