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Gesellschaft für Gartenbau und Therapie - Therapeutische Arbeitsweisen


Therapeutic methods


Therapeutic methods are used in relation to the kind of clients served - addicted, depressed, extraordinary sensitive, physically handicapped people, children, seniors or people with eating disorders.

Therapeutic methods depend on the person doing therapy and their basic profession as biologist, educationalist, psychotherapist, physician, occupational therapist, horticulturist, engineer, psychologist, social worker etc.

The focus of horticultural therapy in relation to five areas of awareness

  • Physiological area (e.g. development and improvement of motor movement, training of coordination, stamina, stimulation of sensitive awareness ...)
  • Cognitive area (training of memory, of learning and creativity ...)
  • Psycho - emotional area (Self esteem und trust in oneself, interest in one´s future, changing from the recipient of help to one who is able to give ...)
  • Social area (Plants are the medium for contact and communication, interaction, identification with a peer group and the environment, doing something for oneself and other people ...)
  • Self image and relations with oneself (recognizing one´s self effectiveness, feeling needed, doing something meaningful, experiencing one´s boundaries in a positive sense ...)

Depending on the present situation and the aim of therapy you may use the appropriate posture for working: sitting, standing, walking, squatting , ... . The activity can be devided in steps in order to strengthen existing skills Helping only where support is necessary. (Ilse Waechter/Maria Putz)

In der Gartentherapie werden konkrete Ziele gesetzt und laufend evaluiert.

In garden therapy concrete aims are pursuit and evaluated continually.

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